Supernatural festival celebrates Mother Earth day and is a fusion of all activities of our organization.. Established in 2007, Supernatural festival as a largest green event in Serbia, gathers over 10,000 people, environmental NGO’s, experts, academic institutions, authentic and organic food producers, artists, celebrities. It is a place where one can have fun listening to good music, but also achieve quality education. Supernatural festival promotes a lifestyle of love and harmony with Mother Earth.

From 2007-2010 Supernatural has been organized at Hajducka cesma in Kosutnjak park and in 2011, festival has been moved to Botanical Garden. From 2012 Supernatural festival has been organized at Supernatural Park, Ada Huja as a main promotional activity for revitalization of ecosystem of Ada Huja project.




Supernatural festival 2009 – “Bring 3 empty cans and PET bottles and enter for free” was the tagline of the campaign. As a result 90% of visitors recycled and 2 tons of packaging waste was collected and recycled. We exchanged the waste for recycling containers and donated the containers to Košutnjak Park.




Supernatural festival 2012, “Come to the festival by bicycle and enter for free” motivated 20% of visitors to Supernatural festival to come by bicycle.


Supernatural festival 2013 – “Bring your used clothes and enter for free”. As a results, 6t of used clothes collected and donated to Red Cross, which represents 50% of annual need for Belgrade.