If we look around the world, the diversity of life, and how the earth is organized, it is a really well organized system. This system is influencing out lives in a strong way. It creates our clean water, our raw materials, our food, our clean air. Humans are integral part of this complex super organism, that we call Earth. Wellbeing of Earth is our wellbeing.

The perfect life system that has been in the making for billions of years, we the humans managed to destroy in less than 200. We have come to the point where we have seriously degraded the environment, and have disrupted the balance between humans and other living organism. Environmental degradation and our way of life and a way of conducting our businesses has polluted our air, poisoned our food and waters, caused extinction of species, has created health hazards across the globe for local communities.

This is why the solution to the current global environmental crisis lays in the hands of the business sector. Business sector needs to change the way it conducts the business. It is not about being the best in the world, but being best for the world; this is the new paradigm.

This is why Supernatural works closely with the business sector; to create, plan and implement impact projects that are beneficial to the brands bud also benefit the environment and the communities. We strongly believe, in fact we know, that this is the new way forward for the business and communities, and we have chosen to become experts in this field and provide creative and impactful projects.

Supernatural also works in capacity building for the NGO sector and is a credible partner with government sector.

Supernatural and Coca Cola have been partners on the Danube river projects. In our experience, Coca Cola has been one of the leading examples of companies that have carried out their business with a positive impact on society and environment. From restoration of wetlands and floodplains in upper Danube nature reserve Gornje Podunavlje, supporting communities along the Danube, to reducing water usage and packaging waste.

Supernatural was a creative force for Danube day celebrations, while the company supported Supernatural festival, and most importantly revitalization of Ada Huja ecosystem. Coca Cola was the first company to realize the importance of Ada Huja restoration and supported us in creating Supernatural park.

We love art, that’s why we love Converse. Wearing all-star sneakers is like wearing art with heritage. We have grown up with this brand. We wanted to do something cool, just as cool as the brand it self is. Promoting street art, linking it with street wear, we gathered artists to paint graffiti on our container box and our plant pots in Supernatural park.

Danube competence center has been our major partner in Danube related activities. We have worked on Danube eco tourism projects and have supported DCC in actively promoting the Danube as one single tourism brand. Our bird watching in the Danube region project has resulted in the first guide for birdwatchers in Belgrade and National park Djerdap. The crown of our cooperation was a bird watching tower in Supernatural park; a wooden queen standing proudly in the IBA area (important bird area).

Another worldwide impact project was production of Danube in Serbia film, that has been seen by more than 3 million viewers, and picked up 13 international awards for the best touristic film.

This film was produced and directed by Supernatural supported by DCC, National Tourism Organization of Serbia and Austrian Development Agency.

We believe that good business practices embrace environmental stewardship. That’s why we teamed up with Molson Coors, a beer company that truly has positive impact on society and environment, while producing best beers.

With Apatinska Pivara, a Serbian Molson Coors company, we have forested a major part of Supernatural park, organized massive recycling activities, and enjoyed beer responsibly on our festival.

The best way to get to know Serbia is through its food. Our sense of taste is the best guide while talking about various places, people and customs.

Supernatural and National Tourist otganisation of Serbia, teamed up to produce the most awarded serbian touristic video, that promotes what Serbia is best at: Food.

‘Soulfood Serbia’ is a gastronomic project that presents the native food products of Serbia with geographical origine. The products selected encompass those aspects of cultivation and recipes which suit the traditional methods of food preparation, and they represent a fraction of traditional cuisine that those visiting Serbia have to sample. Our main motiver was to promote authentic local food, and wonderful people who produce the food honoring tradiion, nature and quuality.

Supernatural experimented with various green topics and one of those was green architecture. Buildings we live in and work in contribute to more than 50% of C02 emission, and are major polluters of our environment.

That’s why green architecture as a model for the future is so important. Supported by USAID, we have launched a national campaign for young architects and designers to engage in creating “Supernatural green pavilion”. A real treat for the architects was bringing Edouard Francois a leading world protagonist of green architecture to Belgrade to lecture at the University of Architecture . The result was 150 architects participated in the campaign with a winning design, by Kako Ko studio, being built and exhibited in city center and the festival.

It is believed that the Nordic countries, their people, governments and their companies are leaders in environmental stewardship. Telenor, while being a a Norwegian telecommunication company, in Serbia was no exception. Telenor has been a major partner of our activities, focused on Supernatural park, We have created 4 gardens with thousands of plants and trees. All of the gardens have been planted by Telenor employees. These activities have had positive impact on the biodiversity of the park, on the image of the company, have had massive media attention, and a feel good factor for all.

Danube in Serbia, 588 impression is our favorite! This film produced for National Tourist organization of Serbia. was awarded 13 times internationally as the world best touristic video.

It tells a story of the Danube River in Serbia and its outstanding beauty, its biodiversity, culture, history. No need to spend more words on it. Just watch and enjoy!